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The IIA was founded by  international Dutch soprano and vocal coach Janine Pas.

Our goals are:

To offer young upcoming professional singers a possibility to futher their knowledge of singing and work on their  repertoire after they have finished their studies at the conservatories.
To offer experienced professional singers interpretative, personal and technical feedback.

The coaches of the IIA support the new generation of singers in furthering their carreers by offering them their expertise and advise.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of singing technique, auditioning, role interpretation, stage performance and carreer coaching.

For each singer we will develop a personal itinerary depending on their individual needs.

All fees  mentioned for courses and lessons in the Netherlands are ex  BTW  for students living in the Netherlands.
All financial agreements concerning academy teachers, as well as academy masterclasses and courses must go through the academy administration.
In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before a private lesson the student is obliged to meet the full tuition.
In case of cancellation less than one month before a masterclass or workshop the participant is obliged to meet the full fee. In case of cancellation less then one month before or  after the final application date of a summer course the participant is obliged to meet the full fee. For more information and befor application read the Terms and Conditions for participants.
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Soon you can read all about out new season 2017-2018!