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Portrait of Russian opera singer Anna Vorobyeva Petrova
© Muzikaalvertaald

Our crede being: “Experience, Excellence, Commitment” the masters of InCanto Music Management are all important international performers ánd renowned teachers. Each of them has a vast experience on stage, but has also dedicated years to studying various methods and developing their own unique concept with which they can offer an incomparable contribution to the technical and artistical growth of young talent.

Since the concepts of our teachers are so unique, they offer
Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to students, and awe-inspiring presentations to audiences.

Therefore InCanto Music Management has chosen to represent these exceptional people and intermediate between them and institutes, venues and festivals all over the world.

New idea?

InCanto Music Management is always open to new ideas. So should you need to find a certain kind of masterclass or performance for your organisation, or should you be an ambitious teacher/performer with a unique concept, please get in touch with us!
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